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Welcome to CMBHA

Chichester Marina Berth Holders Association (CMBHA) has been established for many years and represents the interests of its members to the marina management. Affiliated to the RYA, the CMBHA provides a good point of communication with the marina management. Likewise the management of Premier Marinas (Chichester) are able to communicate with the Berthholders through our Committee.

Our website is a source of information and the place to look things up – we use it as our point of reference.

Our Facebook Page is a place where we share our views and thoughts publicly.

The committee meets three times a year, with corresponding meetings with the Marina management. Please contact them via the enquiries page, e-mail or Facebook if you have any issues or questions you want raised.

The AGM is held once a year to which everyone is welcome. It is held in Chichester Yacht Club. We also aim to make the occasion a social gathering and will often arrange for a speaker or event of interest.

Do join us! Together we can make a difference!

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