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Check the weather and tide conditions

The following safety information has been kindly supplied by RNLI:

Weather, especially bad weather, can spoil a day. Even when the weather is fine, it can change suddenly to become uncomfortable or even threatening. This applies to both short and long passages.

Always check the weather forecast before you set off. Get regular updates if you are planning to be out for any length of time. Be prepared to change your plans or cancel the trip if the forecast is unfavourable.

In addition to national and local radio and TV forecasts, here are some more options:

United Kingdom

  • Shipping forecasts on BBC Radio 4 at 12.48am, 5.20am and 5.54pm. The 5.54pm transmission is only available on LW (1515m, 198KHz) on weekdays.
  • HM Coastguard broadcasts weather forecasts on VHF radio on various channels following an announcement on Ch16.
  • Met Office online
  • Many harbour and marina offices display a written forecast.
  • Navtex receivers provide printed forecasts and navigational information from radio signals.

Republic of Ireland

  • Sea area forecasts on RTÉ Radio 1 at 6.02am, 12.53pm and 11.55pm
  • Met Éireann online
  • Weatherdial: 1550 123 855
  • Weatherfax: 1570 131 838
  • Irish Coast Guard weather forecasts are broadcast on each Coast Guard radio station’s normal working channel following an announcement on VHF Ch16

It is very important to ensure that your plans fit in with the tidal predictions for the day of your trip.

  • Most slipways and launch sites are tidal. Check the times of high and low water and assess how they will affect your trip when you launch and later head for home.
  • If the tide turns to wind-against-tide direction, the sea may become much rougher.
  • An ebbing tide may create dangerous areas of shallow water.
  • Check whether it will be a neap or a spring tide.
  • Beware of harbour entrances, where tidal currents can be quite severe
  • For a comprehensive tidal prediction service, visit Admiralty EasyTide.
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