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Application of varnish:

If the surface to be refinished has existing varnish in good condition, lightly sand with 150 to 220 grit abrasive paper, hoover to remove all dust and dirt, clean surface with a rag and mineral spirits, and immediately prior to varnish coating clean with a tack rag.  Never shake the varnish tin, if stirring is necessary prior to use always stir in one direction.  Strain the varnish to remove any debris, and if required add thinner up to 10%.

With a good quality badger brush or foam brush, evenly apply the coat of varnish always brushing in the direction of the wood grain with a final light stroke back into the previous section to remove any air bubbles.  When the coat is dry, repeat with a second coat.  This should give a glass like finish when dry if there are 8 to 12 base coats on the wood.

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