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Velox Plus Antifouling for Propellors

In the past we have not been greatly concerned in this country by propeller fouling. However, in recent years this situation has changed presumably because of rising sea temperatures and fertilizer run off in rivers and estuaries.

On the south coast we are particularly vulnerable to outbreaks of fouling carried from warmer waters on the hulls of large merchant vessels and from ballast water discharged in the channel.

Last year saw outbreaks of coral worm in the Emsworth and Chichester areas and possibly elsewhere. The usual treatments to stern gear didn’t seem to be particularly effective except for an Italian product ‘Velox Plus’ which is familiar to anyone who has had a boat in the Mediterranean where barnacles are a severe problem.

This is now being imported into the U.K. by a Chichester company, Navigators Marine Services Ltd., who have been using it very effectively here for three years. The two photos show motor cruisers which are berthed next to each other on the same pontoon which had been subject to an outbreak of coral worm. The boat with the pod drive about to be pressure washed in mid year had not been treated at all and the other which is being lifted at the end of the season was treated with Velox before the season started.

Both sailboats with low powered engines and fast motor boats are badly affected by even slight fouling on the propellers and Velox has proved to be effective on normal and folding propellers, jet drives and even surface piercing propellers. It is proven over many years and is now sold worldwide from America to Australia, Europe to China.

It has extremely good adhesion and effectiveness thanks to it’s unique combination of soluble and insoluble resins and active ingredients. Velox Plus does not degrade with movement and sheer forces, nor with galvanic action or cavitation.

Velox Plus is suitable for application by owners or professionals and is supplied with full instructions. Available in .250 ltr and .500 ltr tins of primer and antifouling, it is competitive in price with the other popular propeller treatments.

If you suffer from Coral Worm in your area, then this new product might help. Please contact Navigators if you have any more questions. Velox Plus is available to purchase at Navigators and Lansdale Marine.

Velox Plus Product Information Sheets

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